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3 Parts of a Query Letter #AtoZ #EBBB

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Query Letters I would be remiss if I did not discuss authors and the process of submitting query letters.  When an author sends a formal letter to magazine editors, literary agents and in some cases publishing houses or companies to

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Projecting A Professional Demeanor #EBBB

Professional Demeanor

Maintaining A Professional Demeanor If you want to project a professional demeanor, you can’t skip steps.  Just like any career, it takes work, hard work. The Book: Some say writing the book is easy, everything after is what is hard. 

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YA Fantasy Novel – Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board by Zoe Aarsen @zoeaarsen #EBBB

YA Fantasy

 A YA Novel To Enjoy For Spring Break Lovestruck Literary asked me if I would be interested in running an excerpt of their YA Fantasy novel, Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board by Zoe Aarsen to close out

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One-Sheet for Your Book #AtoZ #EBBB


Market to Agents with A One-Sheet A tool that writers must have at writers conferences is the one-sheet.  You might know one-sheet by one of the other terms it’s called perhaps sell sheet or pitch sheet.  The one-sheet is a

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4 Methods of Navigation in E-Books

Navigation in E-Books

 What Method of Navigation Do You Like Best? To navigate in e-books many people think that all that is needed is a table of contents.  Basically the table of contents is just a list of the different chapters, sections, subsections

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Media Kits for Authors


Media Kits Are Important For Authors All authors today, need a website or blog and on that site or blog they must have an ‘About’ section.  The author should also have a media kit on the site, viewable, downloadable and

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Linked Notes in E-Books #AtoZ #EBBB

Linked Notes

To Link or Not To Link…Help Readers With Notes One tool that is under-utilized in nonfiction e-books is the linked note.  Linking footnotes and endnotes for the purpose of clarification or citing references, helps the reader with ease of use,

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3 Days of Freereads Courtesy of Endeavour Press @EndeavourPress #EBBB


Endeavour Press Free E-Books Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books, is giving readers the opportunity to enjoy six of their titles, in various genres for free starting on Monday April 14th. Monday’s Freebies Goodnight And Good-Bye by

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Jargon and the Misuse of Publishing Terms #EBBB


Knowing Publishing Jargon During my morning meeting with Rita of The Book Connection, aka Mom, we were discussing the #AtoZChallenge and I brought up that I hated to write about JPGS in book files again…Heaven knows I talk about them

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Being an Indie Isn’t Easy #AtoZChallenge #EBBB


The Indie Life Isn’t For The Lazy or Easily Discouraged Many aspiring authors dream of getting a huge publishing contract, becoming a household name, making millions, having their books optioned for a movie, meeting movie stars and living the high

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Hybrid Authors #AtoZChallenge #EBBB


What is a Hybrid Author In today’s rapidly shifting publishing world, a hybrid is emerging – the Hybrid Author. Some works are traditionally published by a publishing house and others by the same author are published by the author themselves.

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Game of Thrones Audiobook #AtoZChallenge #EBBB


I Love To Listen To An Audiobook As some of you might know, I am a huge fan of listening to an audiobook while on a roadtrip. I first got hooked on them with the Harry Potter series and was

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F is for #FreeTopiary – Podcast Co-Host’s Newest Release


I am lucky enough to be the producer and co-host of Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books – the publishing/writing podcast – that boasts a Texas-born publishing advocate, a Scottish author as well as an aspiring author. The original idea was to

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E is for Establishing Expertise #AtoZChallenge #EBBB

E-Book Establish Expertise

One way that business people and industry leader hopefuls set about establishing expertise is to write a book or e-book. The process isn’t simple nor is it overly complicated, you  must know what you are advising about and explain it

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What is a Digital Bookshelf #AtoZChallenge #EBBB

Digital Bookshelf

What is A Digital Bookshelf You Ask A few months ago, an author asked me how she could let readers know the order that her book series should be read.  She listed the books in the front in an ‘Also

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Crappy Cover — a Death Knell for Your Book? #AtoZChallenge #EBBB


 Is Your Book Cover Hurting or Helping? For fiction authors more than non-fiction, a cover is vital. It gives a reader the idea of what the book is about…you wouldn’t have a half-naked man and woman in an embrace as

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Book Numbers, Booze and Barrett Brown – #NSFW Publishing Podcast Episode 40


Podcast: Download | EmbedDeena’s first time letting someone else edit… In this week’s podcast Deena and Peter discuss the importance of owning your own ISBN numbers in publishing and the possibility of sharing them with other authors.  Also under the

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B is for Box Set #AtoZ #EBBB

Box Set

Who Wins With A Box Set? Recently one of my favorite author clients asked me to do a box set for her and five other authors. Each author had written a successful series and their idea was to take the

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A is for Author Biography #AtoZ

Why Your Bio Is Not An Afterthought

Frankly I thought the importance of an author having a biography was self-explanatory but perhaps somewhere the logic got lost on the wave of indie authors that started flocking to the scene with the advent of the Kindle and Amazon’s

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Perfect Book for Networking by @EllisChase2 at @baconpressbooks #EBBB


Networking for a Job Search or Career Change Ellis Chase is an experienced career management consultant. He is a sought-after speaker, known for his ability to connect with and motivate his audience. Whether he’s talking to large groups or individuals,

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